Austin’s Thinkery Camp
Published on: February 07, 2023

Summer Camp at Thinkery – Austin’s Children’s Museum

Summers at Thinkery are all about sparking joyful learning. And not just ANY kind of learning…an adventurous, hands-on, fail-fast and have loads-of-fun kind of learning.

Thinkery is THE trusted community hub, delivering play-based, STEAM-learning experiences that inspire and equip ALL children to be confident, creative thinkers. This is our wheelhouse and we’ve been doing it for close to 40 years. ​ So, who better to take on the summer with your kids? We’d love to welcome your kids, rising PreK-4 through 5th grade students, to Thinkery Summer camp this year. Our camps are structured in a way that maximizes STEAM learning, while letting kids be the leaders in their own summer adventures. Thinkery Camps are where our future creative problem solvers learn, play, and grow.

Campers will spend their time exploring STEAM concepts through collaborative games and activities, growing their creative problem-solving skills by tinkering, and developing their tool fluency through exploration. But how they use those skills will be up to them! At the core of their experience will be Thinkery’s hands-on, play-based approach to helping learners explore STEAM concepts and grow their social-emotional skills.

Summer camp themes range from Animal Adventures to Bio-Building, Story Teaching and more.  And they’ll be at Thinkery Camp locations throughout the Greater Austin area.

Campers will exercise their brains while problem-solving for a variety of “what-if” questions – like “What could you create to enhance one of our five senses?” or “What could we design to help keep the bats of Town Lake cozy while they sleep?

Registration is open and we look forward to an inspiring summer of hands-on STEAM-learning camps!

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