AUSTIN Texas Sept. 13 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Precious Metals Technology Company Anthem Vault Inc. is pleased to announce that the company moved its operational headquarters to Austin TX as of May of 2016.

“Our team is excited to call Austin our new company headquarters” said Anthem Blanchard the company’s founder and CEO. “We were heavily influenced by Texas’ fostering of a ‘business friendly’ environment and feel Austin is the perfect city and its tech community is the perfect support system for Anthem Vault’s continued growth and success.”

Anthem Blanchard is the son of legendary pioneer James U. Blanchard III who helped restore Americans’ right to own gold bullion. Anthem has been a lifelong advocate of decentralized sound money.

Anthem added: “Austin’s robust technology industry has already embraced our company our team and our vision so we feel that in Austin the ‘sky is the limit’ for creative and dynamic ideas to be executed to fruition.”

The move to Texas comes at a time of great business expansion for Anthem Vault. The company last year purchased precious metals bullion dealer Amagi Metals strengthening the company’s position in the precious metals industry.

This summer Anthem Vault also launched its registered investment advisor (RIA) Institutional platform Anthem Professional which enables investment brokers to place their clients’ assets into actual physical gold and silver bullion with ease and liquidity as well as Anthem National Reserve which is a collectible coin division of the company.

Later this year Anthem Vault will spin off a separate company AnthemGold Inc. a digital payment system enabling more people to own and spend gold. Each AnthemGold token (the Anthem) represents one gram of gold stored in a secure world-class vaulting facility fully insured by Lloyds of London.

All gold stored at Anthem Vault facilities is refined at London Bullion Market Association-approved refineries and supplied by commercial bullion dealers. Anthem Vault stores 1-kilogram bars of gold and silver that customers can purchase at Anthem Vault is fully transparent provides current bar lists on its website confirmed by its independent vault operator and conducts full third party audits annually.

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About Anthem Vault

Founded in 2012 Anthem Vault Inc. is a precious metals investment solutions company that provides retail and institutional investors an efficient and liquid way to buy own gift and sell physical 100% fine gold and silver bullion. All metals are securely stored with an independent world-class vaulting facility in Salt Lake City Utah and are insured for loss by theft or natural disaster. Details of the coverage provided under the policy can be obtained upon request.

Anthem Vault’s offices and experienced operations team are based in Austin Tex. The company is regulated as a precious metals dealer by the U.S. Department Treasury under the USA Patriot Act.


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SOURCE: Anthem Vault Inc.