According to Austin made the cut when candidates seeking IT jobs were considering relocating for work.  Not only is this because Austin is basically the technology job hub of Texas but additionally people looking to move for work found the city to be not only affordable but had very attractive salary ranges for the positions being offered.

Many highly regarding technology companies are located in the Austin area such as Dell Apple IBM Amazon Oracle – just to name a few.  These companies are not only seeking the best of the best when it comes to information technology talent but also boast of having attractive campus life great benefits and plenty of regard to a younger generation of open-minded and bright minds looking to make a difference in the industry.  Combined with a lower cost of living Austin has become an ideal city for people to move to.

That being said home builders and apartments are moving in to Austin at a steady pace keeping up with the requests of the generational crowd of information technology job seekers – keeping the city of Austin a lean-green economic machine.


Source: SmartCitiesDive