Austin International School is a trilingual private school for families who share a global perspective and value international education. The only school of its kind in the Austin area their innovative approach high academic standards and supportive multicultural community stimulates independent thinking builds confidence and broadens perspective laying the foundation for success in the global community.

Trilingual Immersion Education

AIS offers the only trilingual immersion program in the area providing a challenging curriculum that seamlessly integrates instruction in French English and Spanish across all subject areas. They believe that developing proficiency in multiple languages builds character and self-confidence at a young age. Providing daily exposure to multiple cultures fosters a stimulating environment that excites a child’s curiosity and initiates a deeper understanding of cultural differences to help him or her feel more connected to the global community.

Teacher Collaboration and Innovation

The collaborative environment of the school attracts passionate teachers from all around the world who bring unique international perspectives and instruct in their native languages. As part of the school’s innovative approach each class of students is taught by a team of three teachers sharing insights and collaborating on the growth of each individual student. Multiple teachers draw from their international backgrounds to expand the range of teaching tactics utilized in the classroom to provide more valuable direction and meet the needs of a diverse student body. This innovative approach provides the flexibility open mindedness and adaptability to better serve the needs of the child.

Dedication to Maximizing Student Growth

AIS’s low student-to-teacher ratio and innovative teacher collaboration enables their teachers to develop an individualized path for each child to discover his or her full potential. Their teachers are committed to empowering students to perform at the highest academic standards while developing their critical thinking personal balance and adventurousness. This personalized attention ensures that students receive the support they need to become positive contributors in the community with the confidence to grow into global leaders and initiate connections with others.

Close-Knit Community

AIS is a microcosm of Austin with a diverse and close-knit community of students staff and parents who share a common vision to contribute to both the local and global community. AIS families celebrate the value of collaboration between different cultures connecting with others in the community and contributing their personal backgrounds through participation in PTO the classroom and school life. A combination of the school’s trilingual education with the support of the multicultural community best prepares children to thrive in today’s diverse world by opening their minds to embrace different ways of thinking.

An Accredited Elementary School

AIS is the only school in Austin accredited by the French Ministry of Education and the only school offering an immersion curriculum in English French and Spanish as early as age 3. They are also accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and are seeking accreditation through the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). For more information call (512) 331-7806 or visit