Austin Texas may be the live music capital of the world but it is also the fast-growing city in the United States.

Each year Forbes analyzes the 100 most populated metropolitan areas in the United States measuring unemployment rates population growth state income tax and the business regulatory environment.  For the fourth year in a row it named Austin as the #1 fastest-growing city in America in 2014.  Forbes detailed the growth of several U.S. cities in its article “America’s 20 Fastest-Growing Cities” which can be read here.

Austin’s reign at the top of the list is partially because of its population and economic growth.  A demographic study of the city and surrounding areas revealed that it had the highest estimated population growth in the country at 2.5 percent in 2013.  The study also accounted for Austin’s exceptional economic growth which reached 5.9 percent in the last year as well.

Alongside Austin Houston ranked #10 on Forbes’ list falling from its second place position in 2013. Dallas previously at #3 fell to fourth place.  San Antonio ranked #20 despite increased interactions with Austin and its surrounding areas.  The steady growth and development of this cultural haven has only furthered local businesses’ abilities to “Keep Austin Weird” distinguishing it from other cities in Texas.