Austin was one of the safest cities in the Lone Star State in 2013 according to a Texas Monthly magazine report that analyzed FBI data.

The FBI ranked 24 cities in Texas and showed that Austin was ranked the 21st most dangerous city with only a third of the amount of violent crime recorded in the most dangerous city Odessa.

Austin had 271.3 violent crimes per 100000 and a murder rate much lower than the other three major cities in Texas (Houston Dallas and San Antonio). While 70 percent of the violent crimes committed were assaults that number was a lower percentage than most Texas cities.

Where are the other 20 Texas cities more dangerous than Austin according to the report? West Texas’ Lubbock took second place behind Odessa with a shockingly wide gap between the two cities’ violent crime rates. Amarillo came in at No. 6 with the most reported rapes of any city in the state. Houston was the only highly populated city to rank higher on the list at No. 3. And what about the border? Brownsville came in very last on the list essentially ranking as the safest city in Texas.

New crime statistics have since been released in full for 2014 and showed a 14.7 percent spike in violent crime in Austin. However the number of violent crimes reported (3581) was far fewer than the similarly sized tech-centric and high-growth city of Charlotte N.C. which reported 5054 violent crimes in 2014.

Austin saw a 10.1 percent drop in the number of property crimes in 2014 a decrease from 41667 to 37444. By comparison Portland Ore. reported 32229 incidents. According to police Austin’s property crime rate of 4323 per 100000 is a 20-year low.