A study from Trulia real estate reports that 43 percent of Americans want a larger home with 60 percent of millennials desiring more living space.

Starter homes in Texas and the South however provide the largest living spaces in the nation.  The Lone Star State boasts the largest entry-level homes with every major market in the Lone Star State – Austin Dallas Houston and San Antonio – offering large homes for all buyers.


Austin ranks #1 when it comes to home size in the country at 1428 square feet. This along with Austin being top ranked for job growth and wages is great news for Austin area home builders.

Even though it’s very tempting to buy as much space as you can afford it’s also important to weigh out the costs larger homes come with larger costs: more energy consumption upkeep and more home furnishings.

For more information on this topic see Trulia’s article: Room to Roam: Where Starter Home Buyers Can Live Large