Conde Nast Traveler a luxury travel magazine with multiple National Magazine Awards put together a list of the friendliest and friendliest cities in the nation.  Rankings for this list were determined by a poll of approximately 128000 people last year in Conde Nast’s 28th annual Readers’ Choice Awards survey.

Austin Texas ranked #5 on the Friendliest Cities list. For those of us who already live in Austin this comes as no surprise: With the constant influx of Austin newcomers (110/day!) it seems that almost everyone you meet here is going through that “trying to get settled and meet new friends” phase.  Or at the very least they remember what being the ‘new kid’ was like and they’re more than happy to help get you acquainted with the city.   Add in the “Keep Austin Weird” factor where uniqueness is celebrated here rather than shunned and the result is positive friendly people all around!  For those looking to visit or relocate here take comfort in knowing that you’ll have a pleasant experience in the Heart of Texas.


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