As a renter you have the right to know if your current or future apartment is energy efficient. The Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure (ECAD) ordinance requires that Austin multifamily properties (such as apartment complexes) complete an energy audit of the residential units. These audits must be done the year the complex turns 10 years old with new audits conducted every 10 years after. A qualified ECAD Energy Professional must conduct the audit. ECAD applies to properties that are:

•    Within the Austin Energy service area
•    Within the Austin city limits and
•    10 years or older

Through the Energy Conservation and Audit Disclosure (ECAD) ordinance you can request the energy Audit results and a companion Energy Guide to see estimated average monthly energy costs for a complex. Use both the Audit and Energy Guide as tools to compare to other similar properties.

Energy audit results should also be posted at your property for all current and prospective residents to review. For current residents a copy of the energy audit results must be provided upon request and automatically upon lease renewal.

Energy audit results must be disclosed for prospective residents by making the results available when they apply for a lease. Prospective residents must be able to review the results before any application fees are accepted.

When you receive audit results you have the opportunity to discuss energy efficiency measures and improvements with your property management. Residents can come together to encourage property owners to use audit results as a catalyst for property improvement. The ECAD audit covers:

•    Air conditioning and heating system efficiency
•    Air filtration duct performance air sealing in plumbing areas and weatherstripping
•    Windows
•    Attic insulation

By choosing an energy-efficient property you can lower your energy and water bills increase the comfort of your apartment duplex or condo and improve the indoor air quality of your residence. Austin Energy offers a variety of energy efficiency upgrade incentives to help multifamily properties offset the costs of making energy upgrades identified through the ECAD audit. Your property management can learn more about rebates for improvements by visiting

In some cases your complex may be exempt if it received an Austin Energy Rebate for the comprehensive duct remediation work or replaced air conditioning equipment for all units within the past 10 years. If your complex is exempt it will receive an Energy Audit Exemption Certificate proving the exemption.

Did you know?

The City of Austin Data Portal can help you with your search for energy-efficient properties in the Austin Energy service area. With the data portal you can gain access to valuable energy audit results for Austin’s multifamily properties to help you make an informed decision about your next residence. Start your search at and search for ECAD multifamily properties.

For more information about the Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure ordinance and related Austin Energy programs visit .