When it comes to ultra-premium tequila in Austin Republic Tequila is tops in the market.  Founded by Tom Nall Ken MacKenzie Steve Dean and Tim Sabo – whose dedication and attention to detail is evident – Republic Tequila was borne of a passion for making only the best tequila from the finest ingredients.

Organic Premium Ingredients

Republic’s offerings include only USDA-certified organic hand crafted 100 percent blue agave tequila. The company uses only estate-grown blue agave from the town of Autlán Jalisco Mexico which is carefully cultivated and allowed to mature for 8 to 10 years.  After maturation the agave is harvested by an experienced jimador – who carefully removes the heart of the agave from each plant the essence that is used to make tequila.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

As with many delicious culinary dishes or the libations that end up in your cocktail glass cooking is an essential part of the process that Republic uses for its tequila. The agave hearts (or pinas) then head to the distillery where they’re placed in large stone ovens (called hornos) to steam for 24-36 hours.

This unique process releases the agave’s natural sugars – and the result is evident the minute one of Republic’s fine tequilas hits your glass. Once the agave is fermented to further extract the natural sugars and juices it then goes through a double-distillation process. Plata rests for 3-5 days before being bottled for a smoother taste. Using Jack Daniel’s barrels Republic’s Reposado is aged for eight months and its Anejo is aged for 20 months. All three varieties yield different tastes whether smooth or complex.

Award-Winning Results

For Republic it is the thorough harvest careful aging process and attention to detail that have resulted in award-winning Plata Reposado and Anejo offerings. Pair your favorite tequila with Republic Spirit Blends’ fresh fruit juices for a naturally low calorie delicious Margarita or cocktail. For more information including details about tastings and special events visit www.republictequila.com or find them on Facebook.