The economy of Austin Texas  is based on technology medicine and education.  This thriving city is home to the headquarters of many top major corporations.

Dell is the top private employer in the Austin area.  Located in Round Rock a bedroom community of Austin Dell employs 14000 people.  Dell is one the largest technological corporations in the world.  It sells computers printers servers and all things computer related.  It now also makes MP3 players plasma televisions and digital cameras.

The Seton Family of Hospitals is the area’s second largest employer with 11500 employees.  The original hospital began in the early 1900s when Austin residents requested that the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul build an infirmary in their city.  Today Seton is part of the Ascension Health network and has several area hospitals and other facilities.  It provides care for 1.8 million residents of Central Texas and provides millions of dollars in care each year for those who cannot afford to pay for healthcare.

With 10904 employees H-E-B is the third largest employer in Austin.  The grocery chain has over 300 stores in Texas and northern Mexico.  H-E-B is the twenty-fifth largest retail chain in the country.

Austin Texas’ fourth largest employer is the St. David’s Healthcare Partnership with 6600 employees.  Central Texas’ leading hospitals are part of St. David’s Healthcare; each hospital is noted for its Chest Pain Emergency Center.  Like Seton St. David’s provides millions of dollars of free healthcare annually to people who could not afford it otherwise.

IBM (International Business Machines) is the Austin Texas area’s fifth largest employer with 6239 employees.  IBM originally known for its copiers makes computer software and hardware. It offers consulting services for nanotechnology and mainframe computers.  Forbes ranked it the 33rd largest firm in the world in 2010.

A former division of Motorola Freescale Semiconductor is Austin’s sixth largest employer with 4336 employers.  It is the largest supplier of semiconductors to the auto industry.

At 3450 employees AT&T is the Austin area’s seventh largest employer. AT&T/SBC has over 210 million customers in the United States.

Austin’s eighth largest employer is Apple with 3000 employees.  Apple leads the way in innovative communication and computer technology.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is the area’s ninth largest employer with 2933 employees. AMD develops and produces a variety of processors for computers video games televisions vehicles and handheld devices.

Austin Texas’ tenth largest employer is Applied Materials with 2250 employees.  It produces materials for the Glass WEB solar semiconductor and TFT LCD display industries.

In addition to the top ten major employers no mention of Austin companies would be complete with talking about the service-related  Home Away.  Home Away is a vacation rental company based in Austin.  Through its listing service it facilitates the rental of individually owned properties to people looking for a place to stay on vacation.  Home Away lists properties throughout the world.  It also runs which helps people to find bed and breakfast sites at which to stay.

Austin Texas is home to numerous other major companies and is a mecca for jobseekers around the nation.