In 1960 while teaching In a public school Challenger School founder and CEO Barbara Baker became alarmed that her first grade students had received no academics in kindergarten wasting the best years for establishing a foundation for learning.Barbara decided to leave the comfort of the public schools and started her own preschool where she could teach phonics to children before they went to public school. “I figured that if they learned phonics in preschool no one could take that away from them.”

In Barbara’s first class there were only six paying students. Two years later as fascinated parents witnessed their children singing songs and bubbling with excitement about learning the tiny preschool had grown to 100 half-day preschool students with 100 students waiting for admission. Today Challenger School educates more than 10000 students annually.

Thinking Skills

Challenger School teaches students early on that they are responsible for their own learning and for their successes. Their students become independent conceptual thinkers by learning to integrate concrete facts through their shared essential characteristics into concepts. Challenger’s emphasis on independent reasoning skills–so rarely practiced in today’s world–results in their students’ extraordinary academic performance.

Fundamental Principles

Challenger’s curriculum and philosophy embrace the value of life. They teach students to respect and protect the unalienable rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness expressed so brilliantly by the Founding Fathers in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

Poise and Confidence

Challenger students regularly speak and perform before their peers teachers and parents from preschool on. This invaluable experience helps them gain the confidence necessary to communicate effectively and with purpose. Challenger graduates of ten point to these experiences as the basis for success in college and the workplace.

Breathtaking Results

Challenger’s curriculum and proven teaching methods help each student gain the skills needed to excel. As students learn foundational concepts and apply reasoning skills the results are spectacular. Challenger students achieve scores on average well above the 90th percentile on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS). This means that their average studentoutperforms nine out of ten students who take that test.

Education is much more than a good classroom environment adequate school supplies fun playgrounds and a nice teacher. Challenger School’s educational philosophy (why they do what they do) and methods (how they do what they do) are what set them apart from other schools. Challenger School which offers preschool through eighth grade operates a total of 24 campuses in five western states. For a location near you visit

Area Locations:
   Avery Ranch at 15101 Avery Ranch Blvd.
   Round Rock at 1521 Joyce Lane
   Pond Springs at 13015 Pond Springs Rd.


Challenger’s curriculum and proven teaching methods help each student gain the skills needed to excel.

Challenger School