Are you ready for the downtown Austin lifestyle? Downtown living is not a perfect fit for everyone. Many downtown residential sales are in high-rise developments and living in them requires some adjustment from a traditional single family home.

Those thinking of making the switch to an Austin downtown high rise should do a bit of self-examination. Do you like to walk? Do you need a yard? Do you need your car every day? Have you lived in an urban setting before? Those are all important questions to consider before making the move to an urban lifestyle.

Buyers should also consider some of the extra expenses that go with condominium or loft living. Homeowner’s association fees are just one example. Some amenities and services are included in your fees – but not all. If the property you are interested in offers a 24-hour concierge service for example think about whether that’s a service you would use and want to pay for.

Always ask about a property’s parking policy too. Many properties allow for only one parking space per bedroom so if you own a one-bedroom condo and have two cars you will likely need to make special arrangements to park the second car. Ask about visitor parking spaces too – are they available or is the only option street parking? Given the busy downtown Austin weekend activity that could be a problem.

There’s not doubt that the idea of working and playing within easy walking distance of home is extremely appealing to many. According to the Downtown Austin Alliance more than 67000 work in the central downtown area; about 90000 work within a mile of 6th and Congress; about 9500 residents call downtown home; and more than 363000 people live within a 10-minute drive of downtown.

There is no particular profile of those who choose to make downtown Austin their home and the population includes many families and young professionals not just college students. It’s a mixture of all age groups – and all are attracted to the diversity that downtown living has to offer.