There is no doubt that Austin is growing at a steady pace.  But did you know that in the year 2016 alone Austin gained an average of 159 per day?

Here is how the population gain in Austin shook out for 2016:

  • 40273 Migrants
  • 27375 Births
  • 10304 Deaths
  • + Various Statistical Adjustments

The Austin area’s population grew by 58301 to what the U.S. Census Bureau estimates to be an overall population of 2056045.

Austin is the fastest growing metro area of its size and the 9th of all metro areas around the United States according to the U.S. Census.  With all counties included (Travis Hays Williamson Burnet and Caldwell) the area expanded by 2.9 percent.

So why is everyone moving to Austin?  The growth in population definitely due to the jobs being added in Austin in many professional areas but mainly in technology.