With such a competitive market and the variety of neighborhoods in an ever more eclectic Austin how do you find a great Austin apartment? Like anywhere in the U.S. there is always Craigslist and newspaper listings. If you already live in Austin you could also drive around the part of town you think you might want to live in. With demand so high many apartment managers just put up signs in front of the building. If you live across the country however finding a great Austin apartment can be more difficult.

There are a lot of things that can complicate an apartment hunt like a limited budget or having pets. Austin is a very pet-friendly city. For example there are over 200 restaurants in Austin that allow leashed dogs in their outdoor or patio seating areas. That’s not to say however that every apartment complex will allow pets. Pets often mean more liability for a landlord and some complex-owners choose to avoid problems by simply not allowing pets. Overall however quite a few places in Austin are pet-friendly. Some places have restrictions on species size and breed. Breeds that are considered aggressive like pit bulls for example are restricted from many otherwise pet-friendly buildings. If you come across an apartment that does not allow pets try offering to get pet liability insurance. The landlord may change his or her mind.

Having a restricted budget can also make an apartment search difficult particularly in a market with as much demand as Austin. You may be tempted to rush into a commitment to secure a great deal before someone else snatches it up. As anyone who has surfed Craigslist apartment listings in any city will know deals that are too good to be true usually are. The fastest easiest and safest way to find the perfect apartment in your budget is to get help from a local — and Austin has a lot of apartment locating resources.

Many apartment hunters from other cities don’t think they need an apartment locator to help them find a great place. The Austin market is a very different beast however. While new apartment buildings seem to pop up daily there’s also a lot of demand for them so finding an open place is tough. “What you look at today will probably be gone within 24 hours” says Reeh.