While newcomers to Texas may not see too many cowboy hats these days Texans love their boots particularly here in the heart of Texas.

So now that you’re on your way to settling down in the BBQ music and boot capital of the world it might be time to start thinking about buying that first pair of boots! With so many styles of boots to choose from we asked one of the experts in the boot business Marc Conselman owner of Texas Boot Company for some tips on how to find that perfect first pair of boots.


What advice do you have for finding the perfect pair of boots?

Conselman: As for style the right pair will kind of jump out and choose you. The most important thing however is a good fit. Boots fit a little different than shoes. There are no laces that tighten just the right amount. A good fit means a snug and firm fit around the instep with a moderate slip in the heel. As you break the boot in that heel grips rather than slips. We carry about 15 different brands of boots so we can match the fit of the boot to the shape of your foot as every foot is different.

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What types of boots does Texas Boot Company carry?

Conselman: Well we have several thousand pairs of boots on our racks. Folks come from all over Texas to shop with us so we’re pretty confident we’ve got something for everyone! From work boots to riding boots to boots that are walkable works of art we’ve got it all. In fact the selection can be a bit overwhelming! That’s why we offer complimentary Lone Star Beer and margaritas so folks can relax and enjoy the experience.

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Texas Boot Company is located in Bastrop Texas – the heart of the Texas BBQ Trail. So head to Bastrop grab some boots and some BBQ and enjoy the experience of becoming a true Texan.