Students Learn More, Live More, Become More at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School

For more than 70 years, Austin-area families seeking the very best educational experience for their children have turned to St. Stephen’s Episcopal School. Since its founding in 1950 by the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, the school has provided a rigorous college preparatory curriculum in a balanced program of academics, athletics and the arts. Service learning activities, outdoor education and adventures, and study abroad programs enhance this core curriculum, allowing students to connect what they learn in class to the surrounding community and broader world. Students enrolled in the Soccer Academy, Tennis Academy or Theatre Focus programs follow the school’s college preparatory curriculum while receiving specialized training in their fields of interest.

Intellectual Freedom + Academic Rigor

The St. Stephen’s curriculum allows students to explore individual interests while developing skills in critical analysis, reasoned discourse and persuasive writing. Students enjoy a personalized learning experience thanks to small class sizes and faculty who are committed to knowing each student as a unique individual. Academic offerings also give students a shared intellectual experience, bolstering their sense of community and reinforcing the school’s core values.

Applying Knowledge to Forge Innovative Solutions

During the 2020-21 school year, Spartan students applied knowledge acquired in class to forge innovative solutions in the midst of the pandemic. This spring, for example, when one 8th-grade theatre student was not able to perform in person in “Waiting for Godot,” the class held a brainstorming session to forge an innovative solution. They combined a Robotics Club invention with a mannequin to serve as the mobile body of the remote actor, adding a laptop for his head. The remote student was able to join the class via Zoom on the laptop to perform his scenes while a classmate operated the robot’s movements on stage.

Another group of Upper School students completed a land management project this spring as part of the school’s Outdoor Education and Adventures Program, which also includes caving, canoeing, mountain biking and rock climbing. They analyzed water runoff and soil erosion on the school’s 374-acre campus and took steps to address these issues, including mulching juniper and building up soil content through creation of a berm. This comprehensive, one-of-a-kind program strives to develop students’ self-confidence, resilience and self-sufficiency, while fostering a stronger connection to the land and deeper engagement in the natural world.

Global Community, Inclusive Environment

Spartans come from 25 Texas cities, 12 states and 17 countries. By interacting with classmates from other backgrounds, students learn to see the world through the lenses of others. This helps them develop a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing our world. In this environment, students achieve their full potential by stretching themselves, overcoming obstacles and growing from their experiences as members of a diverse and inclusive community.

Seeing Is Believing

Reading about all the amazing things Spartans are doing is one thing. Seeing it up close and personal is quite another. To experience firsthand what makes St. Stephen’s so special, register today for the school’s Discovery Weekend and Open House for Admission, Friday, Dec. 3-Monday, Dec. 6.



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