With Strub Residential in its 14th year, how has selling homes changed since the company was founded?

Some things have changed dramatically. But the core functions at the heart of the value of what my Team and I do have stayed very much the same. For example, the online home search has changed so much and for the better. Consumers have greater access to not only the inventory of homes available [or NOT available in Austin] but they also have a comprehensive view of the properties themselves in terms of high quality photos, virtual tours, neighborhood data and even past sales history. I think that is great. Now our clients come to us more informed than ever and that means that they are typically closer to the decision-making phase when we get started. That’s when our real work begins. I like to joke that I could train my high school age son to search homes online and open their doors but the real work begins at “I want this one!” The true value of an Agent is to lead the client through one of the most complex and important transactions they will ever complete in their lifetime. Finding “the one” has become the easy part. Making that property your very own is a process that requires a lot of skill and tenacity. I like to put it this way- I love buying my airline ticket online, but I don’t want a robot landing my plane.

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– What are your tips for Realtors working with buyers coming into the market from outside Austin?

Put yourself in their shoes. If you were relocating to a new place, what would you want to know, see and learn? How would you want to be treated? If you aren’t an expert in the arenas of their needs- refer them. Our profession depends on our promise of ethics and fiduciary, and I believe that includes staying in your lane to guarantee the best outcome possible for the client. Having said that, make your lane as big as possible by constantly honing skills, researching and collaborating with leaders in our industry.

– How do you ensure cohesion on a large team of agents?

Oh man. This is everything. 100% of the success of our Team is based on culture. For starters- quality over quantity. We have no magic number of Agents we want to grow to. In an effort to protect a culture of abundance and collaboration, we try to only scale out of necessity. As our market share grows, we need to grow to best serve our clients. But I try hard to make sure that I have the bandwidth to remain available as a mentor and a leader. My wife, Christy, and I agreed years ago that our Team’s culture matters more than our bottom line. Turns out- when the first is good the second follows. It’s cliche, but we love each other like family.

– So what are you excited about going into the future? What do you do to keep this momentum up?

Many things! But, mostly, a neighborhood that Christy and I are creating in East Austin. It’s called theSEVENTEEN and we’re really proud to offer a quality home that solves the issues I see when guiding Buyers. As a Developer and Sales Team, STRÜB has the pleasure of delivering exactly the product so many of our clients are looking for. Every decision we make has an end user in mind. The process has been powerful and a step in the right direction for me as I continue to evolve in real estate.



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