While you may still be convinced that food trucks are a trend that’s just passing through they’ve actually been around for decades and their resurgence in popularity seems to be long-term. Not only do these mobile kitchens provide those with an appetite a quick and convenient way to get food but they’re also a great business opportunity for chefs who are looking for a creative culinary outlet.

Whether you’re looking for the best food trucks in the country or trying to find a spot to open up your first truck it can be complicated finding the best food truck location. Luckily for you we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 food truck cities in America.

10. Minneapolis Minnesota

Most people will tell you that the food truck scene is best on either the west or east coast. However Minneapolis located right in the middle of the country offers equally delicious and unique food truck options. The Twin Cities happens to be home to famous chef and television personality Andrew Zimmern’s very own truck AZ Canteen. Minneapolis also boasts other delicious food truck options like The Moral Omnivore and The Flavor Wagon. Since Minneapolis is a smaller city and an up-and-coming location for trucks it’s perfect for those who are just starting their own food truck.

9. Chicago Illinois

For a while it seemed like Chicago wasn’t going to become a food truck destination due to its former ban on food trucks and carts. But now that this ban has been lifted the windy city has emerged as a top food truck location which is a good thing for both food truck owners and foodies looking for a new destination. While Chicago may be known for its deep dish pizza the food trucks here are serving up all kinds of new meals like savory cupcakes Indian food wraps and Argentinian empanadas.

8. Miami Florida

While food trucks may not be the most practical dining option in Miami (they have a “tropical monsoon climate”) this city is quickly becoming one of the biggest hubs for food trucks. Even though this area is typically known for having some of the best Cuban dishes in the country Miami’s food truck scene offers a variety of food options like fresh fish tacosDominican chimichurris and gelato ice pop trucks.

7. San Francisco California

Even though San Francisco may not be listed as highly as another California city on our list that doesn’t mean this city is lacking when it comes to their food truck options. In fact the bay area’s truck scene is so popular that food truck parks have transformed from a spot that you quickly grab food to a place where you actually want to hang out. Take SoMa StrEat Food Park; not only does this inventive park ….

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