It has just been announced by Niche that the University of Texas has come in #1 on their 2016 Top Public Universities list.  Niche is a company well known for its college rankings and reviews website.  They also do rankings for K-12 schools.  Their 2016 Top Public Universities list factors in both statistical data as well as student reviews to rank the schools against each other.

UT-Austin’s overall score is “A+” with their best ratings seen in the categories of academics quality of student life athletics and campus quality.

So how does UT compare against the private schools?  In Niche’s rankings of 1713 US colleges both public and private UT still came in very high on the list.  They moved up to spot #16 this year beating out some notable private schools such as Vanderbilt Georgetown Dartmouth and Cornell.

In addition to the previously mentioned categories that helped the University of Texas top the public school list here are some interesting things that helped UT reach spot #16 overall:  it’s size it’s attractive students it’s off-campus dining and it’s party scene.  You can check out the full list here.