Ever wondered to yourself “why should I use an apartment locator”? Yet it is a common pain for all of us who are trying to satisfy all of our wants and needs on top of trying to find a new apartment within budget. The whole apartment search experience can be a major undertaking especially if you are not yet familiar with the area. A better question might be “why wouldn’t I use an apartment locator?!”

“We ask all the right questions” says Cassie Brown CEO and Founder of Smart City Apartment Locating. “Where is your job and how close do you want to be to work? Where do your friends and family live? Where do you like to go out? What are the things that drive you? We care about the things that are important to people.”

With an apartment locator you are getting someone who knows the city like the back of their hand: a real Austin local who lives works and plays here; a down-to-earth connoisseur of all things ATX. The apartment rental market fluctuates and changes daily so you cannot always trust what you see online when going through a computer-generated list. When using a Smart City agent you receive apartment options that are completely personalized and tailored to what you’re looking for (and by a real person no robots here!).

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When you are new to an area looking for the right place or neighborhood can be intimidating. A locator who is dedicated to help you will make sure you are close to work; understand the things you like to do or take into account that your friends and family are extremely important to you. Having a locator that is able to piece all those criteria with your apartment wants and needs can be tremendously helpful and takes a lot of the work off of your shoulders. Tell your locator what is important to YOU. As they say communication is key!

Let’s be honest we are all busy and want the convenience of getting the best options without having to invest too much energy on researching. Taking the time out to do your own apartment search can be hard when you don’t have extra time to browse multiple websites call dozens of apartment complexes and create a plethora of checklists. Perhaps you work odd hours and you need to communicate with an expert outside of regular business hours. Luckily the agents at Smart City work around the clock they don’t have an off switch. Text call email— whatever is best for you they’re there to be your best resource.

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Another great reason to reach out to an apartment locator is that they can also make sure you are not missing out on any specials that a property may be offering. A lot of apartment websites do not list available specials online. Therefore you might be looking at units that seem to be way above your budget when in reality you can readily afford them! Another perk of working with licensed locators is the premium access to insider knowledge. As experts in the market and people who are visiting these properties every day; apartment locators know the difference between a good deal and something that’s over-priced.

“I just want to help as many people as we can” Smart City Founder Cassie continues “It’s not about the money it’s about the humans. Literally one of our core values is to do what’s right over what’s more profitable. Hands-down our greater purpose is to connect people with the space to be themselves.”