If you want to see Austin in all of its beauty from up high you certainly can.  Take a hike up Mount Bonnell.  The hike on foot takes visitors 775 feet up above Austin and is the highest point in the vicinity.  From this location visitors can see all of Austin’s best scenery from a perspective they will never forget.  Mount Bonnell has been one of Austin’s most popular tourist destinations since the 1850’s.

After climbing 102 stairs to the top breathtaking views of the Colorado River will be prevalent.  The more the area is explored the more captivating views will be discovered such as panoramic views of the city of Austin the skyline and beautiful homes along side the river.

mount bonnell austin
             Credit: HanKelly – Trip Advisor; Mount Bonnell                         

Mount Bonnell is open daily at Covert Park.  Located at 3800 Mt. Bonnell in Austin Texas.  The park hours are 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. visits to the park are free.