The Austin American-Statesman welcomes you to the best city in Texas- Austin. As the city’s community newspaper since 1871 the Austin American-Statesman IS Austin – to those who live here to those who want to live here and to those who rely on us to get the most current information about our beloved Capital City.

Get to know your new home with help from the Austin American-Statesman giving you the information you need to know to keep you connected to your community delivered right to your home and/or your inbox. Experience complete coverage of local and national news politics and local entertainment like the music and food scenes and much more.

We want to be where our readers are – online as well as in print – and thanks to innovative media practices we are. We’ve got tons of apps to keep you informed on the go in the most convenient way possible. Apps such as Austin360 a go-to resource for Austin activities and entertainment. Statesman Live a customizable news app that allows users to save share and interact as well as get breaking news alerts. Plus visit our additional premium websites; for all things Longhorn coverage and find current tech news and trends on 512tech.

We are where you are…

The Austin American-Statesman is known for its responsible and reliable journalism. That’s why it’s been named the ‘Texas’ Newspaper of the Year’. We were also honored as one of Editor and Publisher’s “10 Newspapers That Do it Right” for 2015 for our digital engagement efforts. The Statesman is filled with journalists who check the facts and report all sides of the story letting you know what’s really going on and what’s worth knowing. The Statesman keeps you informed with your community helping to make Austin feel even more like home.

Focus on digital – with more to come

As Austin continues to grow the Statesman is growing right along with it! We’re continuing to expand our products to meet community needs and are available around the clock via websites apps and social media. Our goal is to be where you want us when you want us on the media of your choice.

So grab a paper download our app or hop online to to get the scoop on all things Austin. We look forward to you enjoying our products – and we’re glad you’ve chosen Austin as your new home!