152 People Added to Austin Population Each Day This Past Decade
Published on: February 27, 2019
people walking on the sidewalk
Image by: Matt Quinn

It is no surprise that Austin Texas has seen the largest amount of growth of all major U.S. metropolitan areas since 2010.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau Austin has had 152 people added to their population per day or 55500 annually.   68 percent of this growth is purely net migration.

These numbers are important to the city of Austin.  Now that the influx of people is well known the city of Austin is able to use these numbers to leverage business housing labor and infrastructure plans in the upcoming years.

In 2017 alone the net migration accounted for 13 percent of Austin’s total population.  This put Austin in the number one slot for net growth due to migration out of all of the major U.S. metropolitan cities yet again.

austin migration map

Popular areas of growth not only include the Travis County area but also the northern area of Austin where homes in Williamson County are becoming more popular and master-planned communities are on the rise.  The popularity of Williamson County is much attributed to the Apple campus coming soon to the northern Austin area.


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