Austin Water Conservation Rebates

Welcome to Austin! Austin Water wants to encourage all City of Austin employees to lead by example and save precious water. You can even save some money too!

Austin Water offers its customers, and customers of qualifying water providers, a variety of landscape and irrigation-related rebates to help you maintain a healthy landscape while conserving water.

From rebates on rainwater harvesting systems, to hose timers, to healthier, happier landscapes that need less water to thrive, Austin Water’s got you covered. We even offer swimming pool cover rebates that help reduce water loss in the Texas heat!

Check out the full list of Austin Water’s rebates and incentives at

Here are a few of the rebates we currently offer:

The Landscape Survival Tools Rebate encourages customers to improve their landscapes using mulch, compost, and core aeration. Eligible applicants can receive up to $120 in rebates.

Take advantage of our Rainwater Harvesting Rebate. This rebate offers customers up to $5,000 to help purchase equipment for capturing rainwater.

For customers looking to transform their landscape, you’ll want to check out Austin Water’s WaterWise rebate programs.

  • The WaterWise Landscape Rebate encourages customers to convert healthy turf grass to native plant beds that require less water.
  • The WaterWise Rainscape Rebate helps customers install landscape features such as raingardens, berms, terraces, and swales to promote better absorption during rain events.

We encourage City of Austin employees to apply for one or multiple rebates to maximize their water and money savings. Before starting a project or purchasing any equipment, make sure to read through the eligibility requirements and guidelines found on each rebate application.

It takes a lot of blue to stay green. Conserving water today means protecting our water supply for generations to come.

For more information about Austin Water’s Conservation rebates, tools, and programs:

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