Austin, What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?
Austin Resolutions: Embracing Your Weird in 2024
Published on: December 29, 2023
Ready to start the year. Water bottle by bkr. Journal by Headphones by Hakii.
Photo By: Hillary Black

Ah, Austin. Live music capital, taco mecca, and now, your home for quirky resolutions in 2024! Forget generic goals – this year, we’re embracing the unique spirit of this weird and wonderful city and crafting resolutions that are as bold, creative, and unexpected as Austin itself.

Get Batty for Nature: Embrace your inner Stevie Ray Vaughan and learn to kayak the Barton Creek Greenbelt. Imagine paddling under moonlight, serenaded by cicadas – pure Austin magic. Or, channel your inner Matthew McConaughey and volunteer at a local wildlife sanctuary. Who knows, you might just find your own Spirit Animal.

Spice Up Your Routine: Ditch the gym and master the art of breakfast tacos. Explore every nook and cranny of Austin’s taco scene, from hole-in-the-wall joints to gourmet creations. Learn the intricacies of barbacoa, discover the perfect salsa, and become a connoisseur of breakfast tacos by breakfast taco.

Dive into Deep Ellum’s Depths: Forget Netflix, become a regular at an East Sixth dive bar. Learn the bartender’s name, master the jukebox, and witness the quirky characters and untold stories that make Austin tick. Bonus points for mastering the two-step!

Become a Karaoke King (or Queen): Embrace your inner Freddie Mercury and conquer the karaoke scene. Whether it’s belting out classics at Hole in the Wall or serenading strangers at P.F. Chang’s, unleash your inner rockstar and add your voice to the city’s vibrant soundtrack.

Embrace the Weird Art Crawl: Forget fancy galleries, curate your own street art tour. Wander Zilker Park’s graffiti tunnel, marvel at the murals splashed across South Congress, and discover hidden gems tucked away in alleyways. Become a connoisseur of spray paint masterpieces and the stories they tell.

Make Peace with the Bats: They may be winged, but they’re Austin’s unofficial mascots. So, instead of hiding under a blanket, learn to appreciate the Congress Avenue Bridge bat colony. Take their nightly flight as a reminder that in Austin, even the creatures are a little bit extraordinary.

Plant a Backyard Orchard: Ditch the kale chips, grow your own salsa ingredients. Plant a vibrant array of tomatillos, jalapeños, and cilantro, and savor the satisfaction of homemade guacamole made with love (and sunshine). Bonus points for adding a prickly pear cactus for a truly Austin touch.

Master the Art of the Sunrise Hike: Forget snoozing, become a Mount Bonnell sunrise regular. Witness the city awakening as the sun paints the sky with fiery hues, then conquer the Zilker Hike and Bike Trail with renewed energy. Remember, the early bird gets the best tacos.

Support Local and Live: Ditch the online shopping sprees, become a champion of Austin’s small businesses. Shop at quirky indie boutiques, frequent farmers markets, and catch up-and-coming bands at intimate music venues. Remember, every purchase and every song feeds the soul of this vibrant city.

So, Austin newcomers, let your resolutions be as vibrant and unique as the city itself. Embrace the weird, the wild, and the wonderful. After all, in Austin, the most meaningful resolutions are often the most unexpected ones. Happy (and utterly quirky) 2024!

Now, go forth and embrace your inner Austin-ness! Cheers to a quirky and unforgettable 2024!