Transonic Transportation headquartered in San Antonio is doing research in the area to see how they can make their dream of a bullet train a reality here in Texas.  Dubbed the “San Antonio-Austin Hyperloop” the proposed train would travel between San Antonio and Austin at speeds of up to 600 mph.  This means commuters could travel between the two cities in as little as 15 minutes. An option for a half-way stop in San Marcos is also being considered.  What would something like that cost to ride? Just $10 per trip!

As they are in the very beginning stages of research and planning many questions are unanswered at this time.  Will it be above or below ground?  Where exactly would the route be built? Answers to those and other questions will be determined in the coming years as Transonic continues their research and testing with hopes of breaking ground on this project by 2026.

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