Getting Around Town with Capital Metro
As the Austin-area resource for public transportation, they have great options for the commuting needs of anyone moving to ATX.
Published on: October 09, 2019
Bus metro

There’s no question that Austin is a great place to live. Living near transit can make connecting around Austin even easier.


We love Austin! But the traffic …

Austin is great but getting around can be tough. Traffic congestion slows our roads and commuters waste an average of 40 hours per year stuck in traffic. While our region is working hard to solve these problems there is something you can do when you relocate — take transit and let Capital Metro connect you to the best Austin has to offer.


Smart Choices

Living close to transit that connects you to work school and entertainment can make your life less complicated and less expensive. has a great trip planner that allows you to see the connections you can make from your new home to any destination and the CapMetro App lets you plan trips, buy your pass, and check for real-time bus information, directly from your phone.

Your Ride

Everyone’s journey is unique. Capital Metro has a variety of services to meet everyone’s travel needs.

  • MetroRail: Commuter rail that travels downtown from suburban Park & Rides.
  • MetroRapid: Frequent service that serves the city’s busiest corridors late-nights and weekends too.
  • High-Frequency Network: Local buses that connect the city with service every 15 minutes 7 days a week.
  • MetroExpress: Commuter express buses serving surrounding areas and operating in MoPac’s Express Lanes so you can bypass rush hour traffic.
  • MetroBus: Network of Local buses that connect neighborhoods downtown UT and the Capitol Complex.
  • Pickup: On-demand transit service that provides shared rides booked through the Pickup apps in certain Central Texas neighborhoods.
  • Night Owls: Late-night buses that connect downtown to surrounding neighborhoods.
  • MetroBike: Secure 24-hour bike parking at five MetroRail Stations and two major transit centers.
  • MetroAccess: Paratransit service for qualified individuals within a quarter-mile of transit lines.

Down the Road

Project Connect is Capital Metro’s long-term vision that would transform how people move in and around Central Texas. That vision includes expanding the popular MetroRapid service from two lines to seven placing mobility hubs and transit centers throughout the region and operating smaller services that connect your neighborhood to the larger system. Project Connect would connect the community to downtown and the airport with two lines of high-capacity transit that operate separate from other traffic so there’d be no need to worry about sitting in traffic.

For more information on Capital Metro and their ongoing improvements throughout the city, visit