Catholic Schools Diocese of Austin
Published on: March 09, 2018
Young boy at red table in library, reading a book
Photo By: Anita Jankovic

The Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Austin are a community of parents, teachers, administrators, clergy, and religious people – with values rooted in the Catholic faith – all working together to provide students with a strong foundation for life.

The Office of Catholic Schools in service to principals and school communities assist Catholic schools in the formation of its members in their spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, and social lives. The schools, in turn, provide opportunities for students, families, faculty, staff, and board members to grow in a commitment to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

Their desire is for all children who walk through their doors to become saints. Saints who will bear witness to Christ in the world and never leave it the same. They challenge them to excellence in all aspects of their lives, both inside and outside, of the classroom. Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Austin have formed thousands of children over the years not only impacting individual lives but the community as a whole.

They help children realize what they want to be when they grow up but most importantly they encourage children to discover their unique and personal call to become saints and bear witness to Christ in the world today.


For a list of all schools within the Catholic Schools Diocese of Austin, visit their website