Finger Lickin’ Good: Best Places for Chicken Wings in Austin
Published on: September 08, 2023
Chicken wings on a plate with a side of ranch.

Image by: Clark Douglas

What food experience allows you a savoring flavor with customizable textures of messy finger foods, all while watching a sporting event? None other than the basic food group–chicken wings! There are over 325 restaurants in Austin alone that could be awarded the best wing-joint, but it all comes down to individual taste and how much spice one can take!

As a newcomer to Austin, you are in for a wing-tastic adventure! Austin’s diverse culinary scene ensures that you can explore a wide range of flavors and styles, from classic buffalo wings to unique fusion creations. Whether you are a meat lover or prefer plant-based options, there is a wing place in Austin that will satisfy your cravings. So, gather your friends, put on your appetite, and embark on a journey to discover the top wing spots in this lively Texan city. Do not forget to bring your napkins and your adventurous taste buds!

  1. Pluckers Wing Bar: When it comes to classic wings, Pluckers Wing Bar is an Austin institution. Located at multiple convenient locations across the city, Pluckers offers an extensive menu of wing flavors, from the fiery “Fire In The Hole” to the sweet and savory “Garlic Parmesan.” Be sure to try their signature “Holy Macaroni” for a unique twist on mac and cheese.
  2. The Cavalier: For a more upscale wing experience, head over to The Cavalier. Nestled in the heart of Austin, this gastropub serves up delicious, gourmet-style wings. The “Truffle Parmesan” wings are a must-try, and their craft beer selection perfectly complements the flavors. They are also a dog-friendly and child-friendly environment before 8 pm, allowing adults to indulge in the evenings!
  3. Korean Komfort Restaurant/Food Truck: Austin is known for its food truck culture, and Korean Komfort’s wings are a hidden gem in this vibrant scene. Their Korean-style wings, with options like “Spicy Bulgogi” and “Soy Garlic,” offer a delightful fusion of flavors that will leave you craving for more.
  4. T22 Chicken Joint: If you are a fan of spicy food, Tumble 22 Hot Chicken is your go-to spot. Their Nashville-style hot chicken wings are fiery and flavorful. Be prepared to sweat a little, but it is a mouthwatering experience you will not forget.
  5. Lala’s Little Nugget: For a dive bar experience with fantastic wings, Lala’s Little Nugget is a must-visit. Their “Santa’s Hot Wings” are a local legend, offering a spicy kick that pairs perfectly with a cold beer and the festive atmosphere.

Do not take our word for it without considering these other opinions in the featured articles from Do512 and Eater Austin, as they mention so many more bars and grills that are known as diamonds in the rough!

Chicken wings image on the Do512 webpage.