How to Gear Up for The Masters in Austin
Published on: April 10, 2024
titleist golf ball next to the pin on a green putting green
Photo By: Steven Shircliff

While the Masters Tournament itself is held annually in April at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, not in Austin, there are still ways for golf enthusiasts moving to Austin to prepare for experiencing this prestigious event. Here’s a guide for Austin newcomers to get into the Masters spirit:


Brush Up on Masters History

Immerse yourself in the lore and dive into the rich history of the Masters. Learn about legendary champions like Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods, iconic moments like “The Miracle at Augusta,” and the unique traditions like the green jacket ceremony. Documentaries and books like “A Masters Chronicle” by Bobby Jones can be a great starting point.


Channel Your Inner Masters Pro

Hit the Green and refine your own golf game! Take advantage of Austin’s many public and private courses to hone your skills. Consider joining a local golf league or taking lessons to elevate your game and appreciate the mastery on display at the Masters.

Gear Up and feel the part! Visit a local golf shop and browse the latest equipment used by the pros. You might not need the exact same clubs, but having top-notch gear can enhance your enjoyment of the tournament.


Recreate the Masters Experience

Gather Your Crew and head to the Masters, which is known for its electric atmosphere. Host a viewing party at home or gather at a local sports bar known for its golf following. Prepare themed snacks and drinks like the famous pimento cheese sandwiches and Arnold Palmers.

Embrace the Tradition. While you can’t bring your phone onto the course at Augusta, recreate the experience at home! Turn off your phone notifications and immerse yourself in the focused silence that surrounds the Masters broadcasts.


Embrace Austin’s Golf Scene

While local tournaments are not the Masters, Austin offers its own exciting golf tournaments throughout the year. Attending these events allows you to experience the thrill of competitive golf and connect with the local golfing community.

Several entertainment venues in Austin offer golf simulators and virtual reality experiences that recreate famous courses like Augusta National. These can be a fun way to practice your swing and get a feel for the Masters layout.

By following these tips, Austin newcomers can immerse themselves in the spirit of the Masters Tournament, celebrate their love for golf, and connect with the local golfing community, all while enjoying the vibrant City of Austin.