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Austin’s Largest Employers

Austin’s Largest Employers play an important role in the city’s economy and community by supporting local businesses, creating jobs, and providing charitable contributions throughout the city. This makes Austin a more attractive and vibrant place to live and work for everyone! They also offer a number of valuable benefits, as such below:

  • Job opportunities: Austin is a rapidly growing city with a strong economy, and its largest employers offer a wide range of job opportunities in a variety of industries. This means that newcomers are more likely to find jobs that match their skills and interests.
  • Competitive salaries and benefits: Austin’s largest employers tend to offer competitive salaries and benefits packages. This can help newcomers get a good start in their careers and build financial security.
  • Opportunities for professional development: Many of Austin’s largest employers offer professional development programs and opportunities. This can help newcomers learn new skills, advance their careers, and build networks.
  • A diverse and inclusive workforce: Austin’s largest employers are committed to diversity and inclusion. This means that newcomers are more likely to feel welcome and supported in the workplace.

Here is Austin Business Journal’s Top 10 Largest Employers in Austin:

  1. HEB – H-E-B | Curbside Pickup & Grocery Delivery |
  2. Ascension Texas – Healthcare | Ascension
  3. Dell Technologies Inc. – Computers, Monitors & Technology Solutions | Dell USA
  4. Tesla Inc. – Electric Cars, Solar & Clean Energy | Tesla
  5. St. David’s Healthcare – Hospitals and ERs in Central Texas | St. David’s HealthCare (
  6. Amazon – Spend less. Smile more.
  7. Walmart Inc. – Walmart Corporate News and Information
  8. Apple Inc. – Apple
  9. IBM Corp. – IBM – United States
  10. Accenture PLC – Accenture | Let There Be Change

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