Real Ale Brewing Company
Published on: January 29, 2019
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Image by: Josh Olalde

Since 1996 they have grown from a small family operation making beer in the basement of an antique store in downtown Blanco to a brewery of 60+ people making some of the highest quality craft beers in the state.

When you get to make beer in a place like this you develop a greater appreciation for the simpler things in life — fresh air wide-open spaces and working with your hands. They are proud to make beer with as little processing as possible. In addition to being unfiltered and unpasteurized they never use preservatives or artificial colors. They start with water from the nearby Blanco River and the highest quality ingredients. Then they take the time to allow all the unique characteristics of the ingredients to shine. They believe doing less to the beer actually creates more complexity aroma and flavor.

real ale brewing

Photo Credit: Tyler Malone “The Second Shooter”

We only sell Real Ale in the great state of Texas. Here’s why:

They are Texans. They care about Texans. So they want to make sure the people we care about have the highest quality beer possible. And let’s face it Texans are a thirsty bunch.

The biggest reason why they don’t sell beer outside of Texas is because they don’t have to. They are independent and they don’t answer to insatiable investor demand. They have the freedom to focus on just making the best beer and not the most beer. Making beer is their art passion and dream. Growing just for the sake of growth is not their motivation. What motivates us is making great beer.

If you happen to be from one of the many places in the world that isn’t Texas they highly recommend a visit. They will welcome you with open taps.

real ale brewing

Photo Credit: Jenny Sathngam

Want to taste what we’re up to?

Come on out to the brewery to visit their tap room open Wednesday through Sunday. Beers are available for purchase in the tap room during Tap Room hours and free tours happen on Friday and Saturday afternoons. They recommend wearing closed toe shoes on the tour. 

You can find us just an hour from Austin in the scenic Texas Hill Country and just minutes from the Blanco town square and the Blanco River. No reservations are required just come on over. However if you plan on having a large group please give us a heads-up. Check out their Brewery Events calendar to see when they are hosting our next Tap Room event!

Dogs are welcome to play outside in their dog-friendly outdoor beer garden.  Also please note that while you can buy beers to drink there beer laws in Texas don’t allow them to sell anyone any cans bottles kegs or growlers to take home. They hope these laws change soon! Learn how you can help.

real ale brewing

Photo Credit: Tyler Malone “The Second Shooter”

Real Spirits emerged from deep roots of craft brewing in the Texas Hill Country.

After 21 years of building a solid foundation of beer they launched the Real Spirits Distilling program in 2017. Their owner Brad Farbstein is as passionate about unique handmade spirits as he has always been about craft beer. In October 2014 he filed for a distillery permit and began tinkering away to create what would become Real Spirits. In April 2017 after years of experimentation and fine-tuning they launched Real Spirits to the public out of their tap room with Texas Hill Country Signature Whiskey Grain to Glass Gin and the highly limited first batch of Single Barrel Whiskey.

real ale brewing