South Padre Island Texas
Published on: March 29, 2021
A mom and dad with their kid walking in the beach during a sunset

Texans are ready: Ready to get together safely at the best beach in the state

It’s been forever since the words “social distancing” and “masking” entered our daily vocabulary. The good news is today we can see the other side of all of this distance. We are getting closer to a time where we can experience something amazing together.

It’s time for a family reunion.

Let’s face it. Grandparents are ready to hug their grandchildren. Cousins are ready to hang out. Brothers-in-law are ready to compare quarantine war stories. Moms are ready for the kids to ask someone, anyone else to play. And we’re all ready to put our weakened social skills back into practice.

The good news is that on South Padre Island the entire tropical paradise is ready for families – and family reunions. Starting in May hoteliers and attractions are offering a wide range of family reunion packages designed to make getting together easy and affordable.

What to know about South Padre Island

If you’ve never been to South Padre Island there are a few things you need to know.  First, it’s the best beach in Texas with the best weather. Miles of pristine beach with sand made up of grains that are quite literally the perfect shape for building perfect sandcastles. Located at the tip of Texas, South Padre Island is close to the Rio Grande Valley, easily accessible by plane or by car.

Lovers of Wildlife Will Find Plenty to Love

The Island is home to a devoted group of volunteers and professionals that work regularly to keep the beach and the bay safe for wildlife. Sea Turtle Inc, which was recently in the news for saving thousands of sea turtles from a recent massive “cold stun” event during Texas’ winter storm, is a must-visit for families. This facility houses sea turtles that require rehabilitation, along with a few permanent residents, including one with a prosthetic fin. Guests come away with a new passion for the health of the gulf and Laguna Madre Bay.

Also on the Island is the South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center, and Alligator Sanctuary. There you’ll not only get to know the birds that migrate through the Island, but also the alligators like Big Padre, that call the Center home.

New This Year – Giant Turtles

The Sea Turtle Art Trail is new this year. There are XX large sculptures of everyone’s favorite gulf resident throughout the Island and each is unique, painted by local and regional artists. These art installations are perfect for family selfies.

Where to Stay – Everywhere!

South Padre Island also makes lodging easy with everything from hotel rooms to entire homes, all of which are perfect for a reunion headquarters. There are also great family-friendly activities – from deep-sea fishing and jet skiing to paddleboarding to searching for crabs by flashlight in the evening. To top it off the Island has remarkable dining experiences available including fine dining, fresh seafood on the beach, and fried favorites with hush puppies and coleslaw.

Learn More

It’s not too early. Start planning for your family and friend gathering. We’ve waited so long, it’s time to set some time aside to get back together.  Check out the website for more information on some special free activities scheduled for early summer, activities with families in mind.

Visit for planning tools and more.