There’s No Stopping You Now with TxTag
Published on: October 04, 2019
Tx Tag

The modern network of all-electronic toll roads in the Austin area provides drivers with safe and reliable choices for getting out of traffic congestion and gridlock.

Most drivers take advantage of the benefits that come with paying tolls using a prepaid TxTag account. With TxTag drivers pay the lowest toll rates on every trip and never have to worry about mail-in fees or late fines. TxTag works on all toll roads in Austin and throughout Texas. Drivers also can use their TxTag to pay tolls in Oklahoma and Kansas.


How Does TxTag Work?

With a TxTag account all tolls are prepaid. A minimum payment of $20 is required to open an account and toll charges will be deducted from this prepaid balance. One TxTag account can cover all vehicles in the account holder’s household. TxTag customers can check their account balance and transactions online or by phone at any time and there is never a service fee for using a tag.

It’s easy and takes only a few minutes to open a TxTag account online at or by calling 1-888-468-9824. Central Texans also can pick up a TxTag pay a bill or manage an existing account at the TxTag Customer Service Center located at 12719 Burnet Road in north Austin. And TxTag customer service representatives are available to assist customers on weekdays at DPS driver license offices in Pflugerville Georgetown and New Braunfels. More information about where customers can open a TxTag account in person is available at

Free TxTag Sticker with AutoPay

TxTag windshield stickers are free for drivers who sign up for AutoPay. By setting up AutoPay a credit or debit card is charged automatically when a customer’s TxTag account drops to a preset low balance amount. As long as the credit or debit card information is kept up to date AutoPay customers never have to worry whether there is enough money in their TxTag account to cover the cost of their tolls. There is no fee for this secure and convenient service.

Always Pay Less with TxTag

TxTag is the easiest and most convenient way to pay tolls all over Texas—whether toll roads are part of a daily commute or only needed occasionally.

Maps, toll rates and more information about how to save with TxTag can be found at