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Check Out Stacker's TOP 25 Most Popular Cities
Published on: May 03, 2023
Photo By: MJ Tangonan

This FOX31 Local News article (based out of Denver) features almost every single city where WEB Media Group (publisher of the Austin Relocation Guide) produces relocation guides. WEB Media Group produces area relocation guides and media services offering a beautiful print magazine full of content and resources connecting people relocating to the area with local resources and entertainment. The WEB Media Group goal is to welcome and educate newcomers to their destinations so they can begin planning and making decisions before they move.

Whether you are planning to move for fun, start a new career, or are choosing a new place to raise your kids – be sure to request your FREE Austin Relocation Guide before you start planning.

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Stacker’s shares their top 25 list using YouGov’s 2022 research and analytics to determine their most popular U.S. cities. These beloved destinations vary in remarkable seasons, sky-high business opportunities, fun-filled family adventures, and educational choices. Nothing but the best when it comes to family, especially the kids.

# 25 Jacksonville, FL

# 24 Chicago, IL

# 23 Portland, OR

# 22 Philadelphia, PA

# 21 Dallas, TX

#20 Virginia Beach, VA

#19 Atlanta, GA

#18 Memphis, TN

#17 Tucson, AZ

#16 Austin, TX

#15 Phoenix, AZ

#14 Charlotte, NC

#13 San Francisco, CA

#12 Seattle, WA

#11 Tampa, FL

#10 Las Vegas, NV

#9 New York City, NY

#8 San Antonio, TX

#7 Miami, FL

#6 Boston, MA

#5 Colorado Springs, CO

#4 San Diego, CA

#3 New Orleans, CA

#2 Denver, CO

#1 Nashville, TN

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