Austin Texas is the ideal city for those looking to retire for a multitude of reasons.  And moreover retiring to the Central Austin area is not only convenient for seniors but also completely enjoyable.

The downtown area of Austin is full of condominiums perfect for downsizing and also packed with amenities and luxury to make life a little easier.  Some of the perks of buying into a condominium upon retirement can include the decrease of property upkeep such as landscaping or basic home repairs.  On-site concierge services also assist with any hassles that condo-owners may have and not to mention the valet parking makes living in the condo’s very enjoyable.

Here are some basic stats on living in the downtown Austin area:

  • City Zip Code: Austin 78701
  • Lifestyle: Urban Condo Living Very Walkable
  • Distance to Austin Airport: 12 minutes 7 miles
  • Price Range: $175k – $4MM
  • Median Price: $451625
  • Average Price: $649776
  • Average Beds/Baths: 1/2
  • Average Sq Ft: 1127
  • Year Built: 1925-2018

Living in the Central Austin area is great for seniors because of the proximity of stores restaurants parks – you name it.  Everything is available from healthcare options to entertainment and church.

With everything being so close and the upkeep being so easy this lends time for retirement-aged people to spend their downtime enjoying life and exploring the downtown Austin area.

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