Austin’s Housing Market Outlook
Navigating the Austin Nest: A Housing Market Outlook for Newcomers
Published on: January 10, 2024
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Photo By: Eric Ardito

Welcome to the vibrant nest of Austin, Texas. As a newcomer, finding your perfect perch can be overwhelming, especially with the city’s ever-evolving housing market. Here’s are some things to understanding the landscape and optimizing your search for the ideal Austin abode.

Shifting Sands: A Balancing Act

Gone are the days of Austin’s breakneck price surge. 2023 witnessed a welcome cooldown, with median home prices dipping by 9.2% and inventory finally inching up. This translates to increased options for buyers, and a less frantic, more balanced playing field. However, be mindful of rising interest rates, adding a layer of financial complexity to the equation.

SEO Savvy: Unveiling Hidden Gems

Austin’s diverse neighborhoods offer unique charms, yet finding the perfect fit requires a sharp mindset. Utilize online portals like Zillow and Redfin but delve deeper! Explore niche local platforms, scan Craigslist postings with specific keywords, and join neighborhood Facebook groups to uncover hidden gems. Remember, the best finds often fly under the radar.

Beyond the Hype: Considering Options

Don’t be solely fixated on trendy downtown areas. Explore surrounding suburbs like Pflugerville or Round Rock, offering more affordable options and family-friendly vibes. Consider alternative housing solutions like co-living or renting a room if budget is a concern. Austin offers a variety of living arrangements, so broaden your horizon.

Budgeting Birds of a Feather

Crunch the numbers! Factor in not just rent/mortgage, but also utilities, transportation, and the rising cost of living. Austin boasts a lively food scene and exciting activities, so ensure your housing choice doesn’t drain your entertainment budget.

Feathered Friends Welcome? Pet Policies Aplenty

Austin is a pet-loving city, but pet policies vary widely. Scrutinize lease agreements for pet restrictions and hidden fees. Research pet-friendly communities and apartments and consider offering a pet deposit to sweeten the deal.

Soaring High: Preparing for Liftoff

Be prepared for competition, even in a cooling market. Gather documentation, secure references, and have a solid credit score to present a strong application. Act quickly when you find a place you love and be open to negotiating terms – it might just give you an edge.

Remember, finding your Austin nest is a journey, not a race. Stay patient, utilize your strengths, and be adaptable. With careful planning and a dash of Austin spirit, you’ll soon be chirping happily from your perfect roost.

Austin Housing Outlook:
Numbers that Matter to Newcomers

As a newcomer ready to call Austin home, the housing market might seem like a jungle of numbers. But fear not! Let’s navigate this landscape with some key stats to guide your search:

Price Points:

Median home price: Down 4.2% to $574,614 in December 2023 compared to a year ago, offering more breathing room for buyers.

Median price per square foot: $314 in December 2023, down 2.5% year-over-year, indicating a slower growth pace compared to past frenzies.


3,887 homes for sale: 10.9% increase compared to last year, meaning more options and less intense competition.

664 new listings in the past 30 days: 24.8% jump year-over-year, hinting at a replenishing market.

Market Pace:

Median days on market: 48.78 days in December 2023, compared to 40 days last year, suggesting slightly longer selling times but still a fluid market.

Number of homes sold: Declined by 5.7% year-over-year, showing a moderate pace compared to the previous hyper-active market.


Homes receive 2 offers on average: A shift from multiple offer battles, indicating less pressure and room for negotiation.

Interest Rates:

Rising interest rates: Add a layer of financial complexity to the equation. Consider factoring this into your budget calculations.

Beyond the Numbers:

Neighborhoods: Explore diverse areas like Pflugerville or Round Rock for affordability and family-friendly vibes.

Alternative options: Consider co-living, renting a room, or pet-friendly communities to expand your search.

Remember, these are just snapshots. Market dynamics can shift quickly. Happy house hunting in Austin!