Featured Neighborhood: Clarksville
Published on: September 14, 2020

There are an abundance of unique, diverse neighborhoods throughout Austin. One of the most ideal of all of them is the community of Clarksville which is just West of Downtown. Established by freedman Charles Clark in the 1870s, Clarksville has developed into an eclectic urban hub in the heart of the city, so it attracts people who love to be in the mix of things. Clarksville has a good blend of apartments, condos and homes.

Featured listing: 1809 W 11th Street

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Clarksville extends from MoPac to North Lamar Boulevard (East to West) and extends from West 6th Street to West 15th Street (North to South). Since it borders Downtown Austin on the West, the lively downtown nightlife is just minutes away. It’s also just around the corner from 6th Street and Lamar, which offers a variety of restaurants and shopping destinations.

One of the most ideal features of the community is its walkability. As a result, biking is a very popular way to get around. Driving a car is the most convenient way to get to other parts of the city, but bus riders can take advantage of Capital Metro Route 9 that passes through the community. If you get stranded downtown or can’t find a designated driver, a quick cab ride to Clarksville is inexpensive.

Clarksville has been around for more than a century, so many of the homes are quite old. Over the years, however, many homesites have been renovated to include more modern construction. House hunters can still likely find a fixer upper. As with the rest of the Austin area, home prices have appreciated considerably. For those who want to live here but can’t afford a home, consider purchasing a condo or renting an apartment.

Would-be homeowners need to understand that living in Clarksville isn’t like living in most other communities. In 1978 residents formed the Clarksville Community Development Corporation. The CCDC is dedicated to preserving the fabric of the community by fighting development projects that would bring too much change to the community, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Members of the CCDC fight proposals to demolish existing structures and replace them with homes that don’t fit the character or scale of the district. They have also enacted an affordable housing program to help maintain the diversity that the community was founded on.


In addition to its affordable housing program, the CCDC has restored the Hezikiah Haskell House, a 19th-century home built by a former slave, and turned it into a museum and meeting space. It runs a community garden and throws an annual ice cream social and Halloween haunted house. Living in Clarksville is more than just having a home in a popular Austin community. It’s taking part in the preservation of an historic community.

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