There’s a long list of celebrities who have had a soft spot for Austin over the years the most famous being Stevie Ray Vaughn Willie Nelson and Janis Joplin who’s music careers blossomed here. Willie Nelson’s ponytails are even featured on official Austin t-shirts at the Austin Visitor’s Center. Sandra Bullock owned a home in Austin until her divorce from Jessie James and Billy Bob Thornton became a transplant in the last few years. Luke and Owen Wilson regularly return to their old UTA alma mater stomping grounds as well.

Here are a few others who call Austin home:

lance armstrong

willie nelson
owen wilson

Lance Armstrong  — cyclist

Stone Cold Steve Austin — professional wrestler

Rich Beem — golfer

Ray Benson — musician

Louis Black — journalist

Drew Brees — NFL Quaterback

Mack Brown — UT Football Coach

Sandra Bullock — actress

Daniel Johnston — singer-songwriter musician and artist

Mark Calaway — professional wrestler (The Undertaker)

Kyle Chandler — actor

Ciara — singer

Dabney Coleman— actor

Jody Conradt — retired U.T. women’s head basketball coach

Ben Crenshaw — golfer

Walter Cronkite — journalist and TV anchor

Ty Detmer — former NFL football Heisman Winner

Ethan Hawke — actor

Eric Johnson — guitarist

Mike Judge — cartoonist filmmaker actor and musician

Jeff Kent — former baseball player

Connie Britton — actress singer and producer

Robert Rodriguez — filmmaker screenwriter and musician

Tom Kite — golfer

Matthew McConaughey — actor

Kevin Millar — former baseball player

Nelly — rap artist

Richard Linklater — filmmaker screenwriter and actor

Willie Nelson — musician

Jesse Plemons — actor

Dan Rather — journalist TV anchor

Andy Roddick — tennis player

Brooklyn Decker — model and actress

Otis Thorpe — former NBA player

Jimmie Vaughan — musician

Owen Wilson — actor

Elijah Wood — actor

Renée Zellweger — actress

Terrence Malick — film director screenwriter producer

Trey Hardee  — American track and field Olympian

Paul Qui  — chef reality TV star

Amber Heard  — actress

David Draiman — lead vocals for metal band Disturbed  (Want to buy his 2.2m Austin Estate?)

John Moyer — bass guitarist for metal band Disturbed

Dan Donegan — guitarist for metal band Disturbed and Fight or Flight

Mike Wengren — drummer for metal band Disturbed


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